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That's a beautiful EDC! One day I will get a custom from Robert Lessard, he does some amazing work. But, sadly, I'm a student and have no money. What tools did you get in yours?
Hey Evan! Yes, Mr. Lessard's work is top notch! If you like SAKs, it's the best you can get. This build is a Super Tinker without the opener layer. So the tool set is:
Front: Pen knife, main blade, and scissors.
Back: Phillips head screwdriver, reamer.
Nice choice! I'd be looking at getting something very similar when I have the money to go custom.
I'm definitely into SAKs, the knife laws in Australia are pretty strict so its best to have a small, non-locking blade.
That wallet is quite on the expensive side guess the leather is nicer and more rugged than usual sort? I use the Disc Wallet these days
Hey Billy. Yes, the J Michael Ashland pocket wallet is probably higher in price than a normal billfold. This one was actually made in whiskey shell cordovan, a premium leather - making the wallet even more expensive. That being said, I use to go through about one cheap wallet a year. I'd use it, it would wear out, it would break, I'd do the whole thing over again. I started to approach my EDC from a buy once, cry once philosophy. I'm now about two and a half years into the wallet and not even a stitch has come loose. This wallet is absolutely worth the price I paid for it.
Awesome I will check it out!