Reader's Choice: 5 Excellent EDC Pens


Recently our team of writers let you know what EDC pens were on our radar. After asking you what your go-to EDC pens were, we assembled this list of the most recommended picks. This guide outlines the top EDC pens according to you, the community. Read on top learn about the best writing instruments for every day carry.

Fisher Space Pen

The most requested pen on the list is the Fisher Space Pen. This brand of write-anywhere pens features the iconic pressurized refill that lays down a line of ink whether you’re upside down, under water, in extreme temperatures, and (of course) in zero gravity outer space conditions. Extreme specs aside, Fisher’s pens are easily pocketable and very reliable. We recommend checking out the classic Bullet pen or something full-sized like the Clutch.

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Zebra F-701

Zebra’s F-701 is a super affordable ballpoint pen that’s made from metal. The price to performance ratio is one of the best out there, For under six bucks, you get a steel pen with a click mechanism and knurled grip. Since the pen is made from steel, it can ride along with the rest of your EDC gear without being any worse for wear. If you prefer a softer grip, check out the F-301 which features some plastic parts, but at a considerable cost savings.

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Parker Jotter

The Parker Jotter has been around since the 1950’s…and for good reason. This pen has sold over 750 million units because of its great balance of price, performance, durability, and availability. The Jotter features a replaceable ballpoint refill that you can swap out for different colors or gel inks. There are tons of colors and metals available, which is nice if you like to match all of your gear.

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Karas Kustoms Bolt 

If you’re looking for something a little more hefty, consider picking up the Bolt by Karas Kustoms. This pen was mentioned by our readers for its rock-solid construction, unique looks, and fun extension mechanism. Karas machines all of their pens from metals like aluminum and brass, right in their Arizona-based workshop.

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TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen

While they may not be the most practical pens for every situation, it’s hard to beat the writing experience when jotting down notes with a fountain pen. TWSBI makes several affordable models of fountain pens. The best for EDC would probably be the ECO. The pen’s body is transparent, allowing you to see the ink sloshing around inside. The sturdy screw on cap, integrated piston filling mechanism, and smooth-writing German nib result in an affordable pen that will make you feel like each and every word you write is important, even if it’s as simple as a phone number or shopping list.

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For more gear recommended by the community, check out our past Reader's Choice roundups.

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Good selection, but I'd also include the Kaweco Sport series as they are son compact and there's one for every budget
I recommend zebra sk-sharbo +1 it's a 3 in 1 best choice for daily use as you have a pen to write, highlight and drawn on your MacBook body with the sharp without bulk your pocket or looking as a kindergarten member built in lightweight plastic body still durable and you will not be mad if loose it.
On my day by day I use it, when there is a formal situation Fisher's AG7 takes place and for action I use bullet space pen matte black.
Should include Pentel Engergel, all metal and writes great.
Consider the slim Cross Click in Matte black. My problem with smooth metal pens is that they slip through my fingers, fatter pens don't fit my hand very well, and grips either look too tacky or feel like they're ripping into my skin.
I'd include the Lamy Safari, Schon DSGN Pen and the Hinderer Investigator Pen.
Schon Design is a fantastic pen! Love mine!
Zebra F-701 absolutely for the shirt breast pocket. I'd add the Hinderer Investigator for a pocket organizer or my Centerline EDO and the Pilot G2 Gel for the best all around writing pen.
It’s not flash it’s not fancy but the ubiquitous Skilcraft ballpoint (US Gov edition) is absolutely one of the best writing instruments ever designed. It writes wonderfully and has a storied history. I’ll add the Skilcraft B3 Aviator to the list as well. It’s a 3 function pen that has the same profile as a normal pen not some gigantic toddler sized monstrosity.
The Bolt is not as good of a design as the maxmadco. The maxmadco is the only click pen I have carried that won't accidentally activate in the pocket. The plunger on the bolt is redundant and unnecessary. It never gets any credit, but as a working artist I can assure you, the maxmadco is the absolute best click/bolt action pen available.
How does the Bigidesign Ti Pocket Pro not make this list. It literately takes almost any refill and is quite durable and portable. Ballpoint pens are good for sketching but are horrible for writing anything and that includes the Fisher space pens, Parker Jotter and Zebra F-701.
The first picture above is the ECO, which has a hexagonal plastic cap and post, whilst the second picture taken with the Leatherman is the TWSBI Diamond 580AL, I carry both of these fountain pens as they fantastic to write with!
Recently I've been using a Uniball Signo in medium point for work. I lose pens too often to think about spending more than a few bucks each.
Before I found my two pens that are my daily carry, I carried Signos all day long.
Is the Zebra F-xMD available in the USA? It is the F-701 without the plastic parts in the click mechanism. I've read about mods to the F-701, but I found the F-xMD on and saved me the cost and extra work.
After many years of searching, I still default to the classic Caran d’Ache 849 ball point pens. The design was groundbreaking in 1969, and is still the most sensible for me and many others – and be it only that it can't roll around a desktop. Also, here in Switzerland they are quite cheap (unless you want one of those weird collectors’ editions), so, eh, no-brainer.
I'm new to EDC pens and I'm looking for 1. I'm considering the Tactile Turn Glider. Is it recommended? Also, I'd appreciate if any watch enthusiasts can chime in, is the Zebra F-701 the Seiko SKX007 of the pen world? Thanks in advance!
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