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Great EDC!
I bought carbon fiber wallet at Amazon, cash, coins and 12 cards can be hold. https://goo.gl/tcmphc
That patch is honestly the greatest. Where did you get it?
Amazon of course! I am amazed at how many people who see it and ask about it (at work) have never seen "Office Space".
It took me a while to actually watch it but now it's one of my absolute most favorite movies. Thanks, I'm gonna look it up right now, I gotta have one. Haha!
Did you use adapters to put ZULU band on your G Shock?
Yes, but they failed and I returned them. Do not waste your time. Get a new watch. I bought that watch in 2015 when I was broke and hurting due to a Suunto failure, then recently invested in a Suunto traverse again, which I also returned. So two brands I will never go with or recommend is Suunto and G-shock. I am waiting on my Samsung Gear s3, which I am not sure about either, recharging and smart watches scare me. If this fails I am investing in a MARATHON WW194027.
If it means anything to you, I've had my Gear S3 since Thanksgiving last year and have been very pleased. I can go 4 days without a charge, but I usually recharge after 3.