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Personal keys omitted and picture taken with my Samsung Galaxy S8. New watch. Extra light carry.

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Sweet! How are you liking the index card wallet?
I am honored to have your praise and I love it! I would love it even more if if was the same design as the tan color one! The tan color's design seems more practical and easier to access the extra cards. I just simply have an all black (Or grey) infatuation because they go with everything. Either way, I love Rite in the Rain!
I have the tan version and so far I like it. I carry it in my bag though and not in a pocket. Seems pretty well made. I carry both Rite in the Rain and plain index cards.
Great EDC!
I bought carbon fiber wallet at Amazon, cash, coins and 12 cards can be hold. https://goo.gl/tcmphc
What do you think of the Hank?
Honestly, waste of money. I'll use a hand towel. It looks good tho, huh... I figured I would try it, and I carry it every now and then but the towel is soft on both sides and it doesn't show dirt or grime as easily. So I won't be buying any more hankies.