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Picture taken with my Samsung Galaxy S8. The RFF yellow/multicam items are new and I am breaking them in. The wallet came with the visibly used firehose, but the FNW came really bright and new looking. I will have to get my hands dirty and abuse it because it looks really awkward compared to the wallet. Maybe a tan/od green magpul s8 case to match?

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what is that chapstick and lighter holder? and where do i get one?
Bought mine from TheEDCshop on etsy. It was called EDC pocket organizer.
amazing! thank you!
Been eyeing that watch. How do you like it?
It's cool! However, there is the Shealth app that you can never shut off step tracking. Kills the battery and makes usage of the AOD less than a full day of life. You can disable the heart rate monitor and other stuff, but the Shealth will always be the biggest battery usage even over the craziest of app usages on this watch. I do love it, but they need to fix the health monitoring junk to allow the user the option of fully disabling it.
@3Prcntr. I'm with you. My S3 is fantastic except for the same issue as you mentioned. Why can't manufactures let us use the things we spend OUR money on the way WE want to use them? I know the answer to that, but had to ask. :-)