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Artist and Cashier (age 23)
Peterborough, Canada
everything i take with me serves a useful purpose even the cards can be used as kindling for a fire, but their more sentimental, the "Inkay" one i got when i saw my girlfriend she lives a long way away so it reminds me of when i saw her (i also despise that card i just adore the memory).
the watch band is customized from a black time teller i had that had a shattered face, my girlfriend has an army green watch it lets me think of her. the wallet is just generic but the "Volcom" logo is from a homemade stencil with the words "do you need it" handwritten inside as a bit of last ditch financial advice.
the electrical tape on the Bic lighter is for emergency's where i need tape. i work at Wal-mart that's why i have a tag. and the two clear cases are so i can see the pictures of me and my girl i keep behind my devices, so that even if the batteries are dead i can still see her, i also love the obey brand so i have that sticker there too. i also keep all this to encourage me and fuel my imagination, and create ideas even at the most boring or depressing times.

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The pokemon cards make more sense as an EDC then the other stuff I've seen. Good on you man
Nice, well-thought out carry. But please… it would make me sad if with all the ways to start a fire, you'd burn Pokemon cards