A Gift Guide for the Tech EDCer

Looking for the perfect gift for a gadget lover? We produced this buying guide for our tech-savvy friends at TechCrunch, the number one guide for technology news, analysis, and opinions, as part of their 2014 Gift Guide feature. Here are our picks for EDC-friendly gear for people who work with, tinker with, or simply appreciate gadgets and technology.

The Ridge WalletThe Ridge Wallet ($115)

While your gadgets and devices might be on the cutting edge of technology, what about your wallet? Update your bulky, leather wallet with the Ridge Wallet — a modern take on the minimalist wallet and money clip. Constructed from titanium and aluminum, its sleek, RFID-blocking frame accommodates and conceals up to 12 cards. For essentials that don’t require that kind of security (like loose bills, frequently used cards, and RFID badges), a stainless steel, spring-loaded money clip and external cash strap make them conveniently accessible.

Moleskine Evernote Business Notebook

Moleskine Evernote Business Notebook ($27)

Although there are plenty of note-taking and productivity apps out there, few come close to the feeling of good old pen and paper. The Evernote Business Notebook brings analog note-taking into the digital age while keeping the familiar feeling of scribbling in a quality Moleskine notebook. Notes, reminders, and ideas written in this smart notebook sync digitally across your devices through the Evernote app. If security is a concern, privacy settings allow even the most sensitive information to save privately, so you can write at ease.
Victorinox CyberTool 34

Victorinox CyberTool 34 Pocketknife ($145)

The iconic Swiss Army Knife adds incredible utility to almost any daily carry. The Victorinox Cybertool 34 takes the basic features of that classic multitool but adds in pliers, a dedicated bit driver, a wire crimper, and other functionalities suited for IT and computer repair applications. Keeping one of these in your pocket will have you prepared for not just your daily chores, but your next tech project as well.

Zebralight H52W

Zebralight H52W ($64)

ZebraLight flashlights are carried by many for their advanced technology and thoughtfully-planned features. The H52w is already an excellent tool for daily illumination needs: with an ultra-low 0.3 lumen mode for months of runtime off an AA battery, a screaming 280 lumen high, and a neutral white tint for color accuracy. But the H52w’s right-angled emitter adds the versatility of being used as a headlamp or hands-free light source for especially involved projects. Keep one in your pocket or bag for a dependable light that will shine months after your phone’s battery drains.

Tile ($25)

Sometimes, we move quickly and lose things. With the Tile bluetooth tracker, you’ll never lose your essentials again. Secure it to your keyring, bag, or wallet, then use the Tile smartphone app to track its location within a 150 foot radius over Bluetooth. Its battery doesn’t last forever and its range is limited, but it’s still a good measure to keep your most important items in sight.Kingston Data Traveler Locker

Kingston Data Traveler Encrypted USB Drive ($34)

Information that’s important enough to be carried with you on your keys should be safe and secure. The Kingston Data Traveler features hardware encryption and password protection for your sensitive documents and files. As an added measure against unauthorized users, the device locks down and reformats after 10 invalid login attempts. With a sturdy metal housing and keyring attachment, it makes for an easy addition to your daily carry.

NomadKey ($29)

Phone cables are notorious for magically tangling themselves in a bag or pocket. They rarely survive daily wear without breaking or fraying. The NomadKey is a convenient, robust alternative to your phone cable that fits on your keyring. With this keychain gadget, there’s need to unravel a cable just for a quick sync at your laptop or charging your phone from a power bank on-the-go. It’s also available in micro-USB for your other devices.
Limefuel Blast L60X

Limefuel Blast L60X ($30)

Speaking of phone charging, this external battery from Limefuel is the one to beat. It’s compact, relatively lightweight, and with a respectable 6000mAh capacity, it delivers the extra boost your phone needs to make it through the day. With a universally compatible 1.8A output, your devices charge faster, meaning you can stay connected sooner.
Tom Bihn Synapse 19

Tom Bihn Synapse 19 Laptop Bag ($170)

Lugging around a laptop to and from work in addition to everything else you’ll need for the day can be a chore. The Tom Bihn Synapse 19 laptop bag boasts quality construction, design, and organization to make your life a little easier. It’s versatile enough to work great for commutes to the office, business trips, or weekends out on the trail. It’s surprising how much gear you can cram into this low-profile bag — but for people who need even more space, it’s availble in a larger, 25-liter version.
Cocoon Grid-It!

Cocoon Grid-It Organizer ($10)

If you find yourself rummaging through your bag and wrestling a tangle of wires every time you need to grab something, it’s time to get organized. The Grid-It manages your cables, devices, and other small tech essentials using a grid of snug, neoprene loops. Load it up and slip it into your bag or briefcase to make your items easily accessible at a glance. Available in various sizes and colors, there’s bound to be an organizer to fit your bag and your needs.

Images by TechCrunch

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