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Digging the cutting-board photo
Tell me more about that Opinel. Black handle, lanyard hole...very interesting!
Well that is very cool!
Hey Chris,

Yeah, it's actually a collaboration piece with the same company my cuff is made by: Miansai. Check them out. Glad you like it!
How do you carry it? I have one and love it, but only seem to carry it in a backpack because I don't like belt cases and it's too big for my pockets.
Hey Vasco! I carry it in my back pocket. It is plenty deep enough and enables easy access
I've struggled with determining how to carry mine. It usually gets thrown in a bag, but I've carried it in the front and back pockets as well. For front pocket carry, it usually works better in slacks. I have seen some Opinel pocket clip mods online...
I've been happy carrying a No.8 in the coin pocket of jeans, or any other pants with a coin pocket. The depth is perfect and with the flare butt of the handle just poking out, it's easily drawn and put away.