My backpacking in bear country carry

As the title says, I do a lot of backpacking in bear country and need adequate protection. I left out my hammock and sleeping bag because they wouldn't fit in the picture. Anyways this is minimum i would leave with. This is for a weekend trip. Longer trips mean more gear.

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minus the guns of course, up here in Canada eh? :-P
You don't need guns for bear protection in Canada! You guys are brawny enough to just wrestle them into submission and then tickle them until they leave the campsite happy.
Nice complete kit, a good reference for my next camping trip.
Yea lol Massachusetts is one of the hardest states in the country to get a firearm. It was a pain to jump through all the hoops but its well worth it. I also forgot to include my water bladder that goes in the backpack. Holds 2 Liters.