My Everyday Outdoor Pack

New York, NY
I start out my mornings with a nip of Hibiki 12 year whiskey from my flask which was given to me as the best man at (you guessed it) my best friend's wedding.

The extra battery so that I can keep use GPS, WiFi, stream music and anything else for the ever reliable Samsung S3 without worrying that my phone won't be available to use when I actually need it.

The Runbell is for alerting people politely to move out of my way which is surprisingly great for NYC streets.

The lighter is because somehow I'm always asked by a cute girl for a light and the knife because it's just damn handy to have around.

The Cartier Roadster for a touch of sophistication and the glasses for the nerd factor (not to mention they help me see and I hate contact lenses).

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I had never heard of runbell, cool!!!
Glad to have something unique in my pack
Like the Cartier!
I was going to comment on that knife, but then I read the overall description and decided that it would be best to comment on your reason for carrying that zippo. Brilliant!