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Professor (age 39)
Louisville, Kentucky
Clockwise from top left, skipping the handkerchief since that is obvious. My hearing aids are fantastic, and I'm thankful for this wonderful, tiny technology every day.
I use the Flip video camera to record lectures for my own review, and for occasional online posting.
I love the Kamry e-cig. Simple, and reliable.
The dreaded red pen, of course.
You can never count on reliable markers in your classroom. Pro tip: carry your own.
Phone. Zebra wood cover is a favorite.
The wallet is at least 15 years old - I've never found anything I like better.
Not many people seem to carry fountain pens, but I've never had a problem. I love this Lamy Safari for everyday use. Not very "tactical" but I rarely need to shank anyone. The Field Notes I discovered here, and they've become indispensable.
The green laser pointer is my juvenile guilty pleasure. Sometimes I even use it in class. I found it at a flea market.

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I like your Lamy Charcoal... I have the same and am very satisfied.
Zebra wood is sexy, ain't it?!
I freaking love it. Those cases break pretty regularly, but I just like carrying it around.