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Titanium toothpicks come in handy for so many things!

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How do you like your Momentum watch? It looks like an affordable step up from the ubiquitous Expedition while retaining the pass through strap design that I like.
Well constructed with screw down crown, solid brushed SS, decent lume. Underrated watch. IMO, major step up from Expedition, bigger too (42mm). It originally came with a rubber strap but you can change it up with nylon straps (NATO) like I did. Looks great with a variety of straps (22mm).
what size of the saddleback bifold is that? and how do you think it compares to other wallets?
It's the medium. With my cards it's about 1/2" thick. It's a no frills, quality built traditional men's bifold. Nothing fancy, a little thick, taking forever to break in (not a bad thing). Looks like it's going to last for years. Smells great too! =)
Lookin' good as usual, DevoD!