Localization (age 39)
Took quite a while to assemble, going through a number of wallets, knives, keychains..

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Nice to see the Nassau too. Great bang-for-buck watch.
Always glad to see people who actually carry their Sebenzas. I've been considering picking up one of those Beta lights.
Double Leatherman carry? LOL, Leatherman is my favorite EDC item for sure!
Thanks, guys. I just realized I forgot to tag the USB stick, it's an older model Cruzer Titanium (liquid metal). I do have a soft spot for all things titanium, lol. @craig - you mean flashlight? I alternate between the two pictured and also have a Streamlight Stylus Pro which is actually a great option as well.
Great stuff, localizer! I love seeing the CRK small Sebenza...
@Rob - yeah, I do agree that stuff should be carried instead of kept behind a glass :)
@Teeritz - Nassau is definitely the top favorite! An amazing watch.
Yeah, I dont carry the Charge around much, but it is the primary tool to do some stuff around the house, with the bit kit you can really do quite a lot with this amazing tool.
Definitely like the charge! Do you have a favorite light you carry, localizer?
Charge in black?! Must have!