My Everyday Carry - Improved

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Seattle, Washington
Recently picked up the Mini Organizer after seeing other EDCs. I keep several of these items in my pockets but the rest are within reach. At the end of the day they all go in here instead of a pile. Also picked up the squirt and moved the full size Gerber to my GHB.

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That maxpedition looks really handy. I use a pen case, but it lacks a lot of the functions in the photo. Thanks for sharing!
For the price and specs I think that Mini Bonfire flashlight is gonna be what I get. I have an 80 lumen Defiant from Home Depot that uses 3 AAAs and it is just a bit too big for pocketing.
It's a great little light for the price.
How do you carry the Maxpedition? Does it tag along in a laptop bag, cargo pocket, or just whatever fits the day at hand?
It fit's nicely in the front pocket of my laptop bag which covers most occasions for me. I haven't had it that long but I have just carried it on it's own a few times and that works well enough. As Chris mentioned below it has the molle webbing, which I haven't used yet but expect it will come in handy.
I love Maxpedition organizers. Also, that vintage Schrade is very cool!
Yeah, the organizer, for me, was something I didn't realize I was missing. Now I can't think how I got along without it.
I have one of these as well, but it stays latched to the side of my go-bag via the molle webbing. Maybe I should pull it off. Or MAYBE I should buy another! :-D