New EDC Bag Sneak Peak

Murfreesboro, TN
I haven't yet determined just how I'm going to distribute my EDC bag items into this new guy just yet, but I couldn't wait any longer to get a pic up.

I've been pining for this bag for some time now and my wife decided to surprise me with it as an early birthday present this week. I'll be treating the leather later tonight!

Once everything is organized inside just how I want it, I'll submit a full bag dump.

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Hope it Serves you well and long. Leather lästs long if you take care of it. Tour båg looks like it is hi qualtity leather.
Thanks, Johan! I've already put a thin coat of leather protectant on her.
That is beautiful. Looks worn in already! Wonderful looking bag.
Thanks, Walrus! It WAS a good looking bag...still is from the front, but not the back. When I carried it to work for the first time this morning, I stupidly threw it over my right shoulder and mosied into the building, only to realize just as took it off that the pocket clip of my Mini Grip had been scraping the rear panel something fierce. I'll have to become "left shouldered" to avoid this.
Great looking bag, Chris. I'm a fan of the backpack carry option, for that very reason.
I'm not a big leather guy but I can appreciate good hide when I see it. That's a damn fine bag Chris.
Thank you, Roy! The other bags that I've previously rotated through weren't leather at all, so I saw this as a step up, especially now that I'm more into well made leather goods. One was a Maxpedition Mongo Versipack, a slimline Targus backpack, a Maxpedition Falcon II, a Rothco canvas messenger and a waxed canvas Fossil messenger. This one will be put into the rotation, but will more than likely see the light of day more than the others for the next several months. :-)
Wow very nice bag, Chris.
Thanks, Marc! It's been a long time coming. My wife's pretty cool about allowing me to have nice things when the funds are available. I couldn't be more pleased.