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Chicago, IL
Loving my new Benchamade North Fork. It's made for skinning a deer but it's also perfect for opening boxes of new studio equipment!!! :)

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What clip is that attached to the Cadet?
That looks like a TEC P-7 Suspension Clip to me.
Nice photo by the way Big Lebowski rules.
Another thumbs up for the Bench made.
I love the look of those wooden scales on the BM
Looks great, Alex! I'm hardcore loving the North Fork. I bought the fixed blade version in their new Hunt line and it's great. Awesome carry and I hope you're recording someone who isn't making your ears bleed. ;-)
Thanks Chris! I always love what I record... even if it doesn't align with my taste, It's necessary to figure out how to like it in order to make it sound good!
That's a pretty knife. What console is it sitting on?