My Everyday Carry

Mathematician (age 29)
San Francisco, CA
This is my casual everyday carry.

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Nice call on the Sam7! Any SBR plans? Cheers.
No SBRs allowed in CA. Maybe an arm brace.
Why do you need this gun?
My only real guess is that he lives in Israel?
They don't carry these in Israel, at least not when I was there
Because I wanted it
The question of "Why do you need this gun?" is the Bill of Rights specific version of Godwin's Law making the first person to ask it lose the debate by default. One can't really ask, "Why did you need to exercise the first amendment just now?" Or "What do you mean you had a problem with the cops barging in without a warrant and digging around in your wife's underwear drawer?" (4th Amendment incase you didn't know) You may have been better off calling out the difficulties of carrying this large of a pistol while still following the local CC laws.
Nice ak pistol, i'm hesitant to believe that you carry that on your person on a daily basis though, it can't be light!
Get out of CA so you can carry more rounds in that pistol!
Micro rig for "Professional EDC"?