Pocket dump

Art Director (age 38)
Porto, Portugal

This is my first submission. I've been refining my EDC for the past few months. I'm happy with it, but I guess I'm far from finished.

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How much do you like your wallet? I was looking into the one with the tray, but am not quite sure yet.
I love it and I'll never go back. It's been a fundamental part of my EDC refinement effort. Having said that, it requires some level of commitment. Before the Secrid, I had an ordinary folding wallet, in which I collected all sorts of receipts, tickets, random papers and dozens of coins. Now, that's a big no-no. Some really important paper can be tucked inside the wallet - that's it. I carry a total of seven cards and a couple of bank notes. All coins go elsewhere (usually, in the same front pocket, until I get home). The big upside to this discipline is that now I can carry my wallet in the front pocket and I don't end up with a heap of small papers to sort and trash every couple of months. In short: visit their site and go for it.
How's the Maglite? Do you find it's bright enough?
It's more that enough for me, at least. It lights up the whole room when I point it to the ceiling. It's very small but tough, and allows one-hand operation.