Ti EDC Update

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What's the Curtiss Knives Tactical Round TUIT? I can't seem to find it on the web. Is it a knife of some sort?
As in "I'll get around to it." Motivational coin to get stuff done. There is one left on this page at the bottom: http://www.bladecousa.com/curtiss-knives.html
If I am not wrong, this is the first appearance of the Flexy Un-wallet in this website. I have the black aluminium version which has a extra feature: it opens bottles too. Bad ass, and you can't go more minimal than this except for a money clip.
But to me, this is much better than a money clip as you have 2 clips, so there is better organisation of cards and cash. Money clips also seem a bit hard to slide things into, well at least the ones I have. The tension of the springs of the Un-wallet is not overly tight at all. Yet it does not seem to lose it's tension either if you remember to alternately use it from the other side from time to time too.
Compared to all the silicone elastic band and fabric elastic band minimal wallets including the capsule like minimal wallets that are wallets du jour these days, you don't have to tri-fold bills to use this for cash.
Only thing is the edges of the clip bits are sharp and gnash your credit cards so that they look like they been used and abused, which is probably what I do with my credit cards anyways :)
Agreed! I am probably gonna stone wash mine for a few hours to soften it out and get a nicer finish.
I may have switched the carry I'm building this year from brass to Ti, squarely because of the recent articles and carries such as this. Awesome selection as always with this update!
Thanks! Still haven't found a Ti alternative for Brass keys yet.
The scales on the Zulu are awesome!
That's one of my favorite innovations from Jens Anso. I want to get a custom Zulu one day.
Nice, great Ti. How do you like the T10T and MiX6?
Despite being different brands, they match each other very well, and function excellently. On a single AA or AAA each, they're very small and pocketable, almost unnoticeable even with the weight of the battery. The only problem I've ever had with them is that the clip on the T10T will snap almost immediately in ~10 to 0 degree Fahrenheit weather.