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What are people's thoughts on these watches?

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That's the watch in my profile pic. I love mine. Had it for a year. Really accurate. Nice lume. Handsome display. I've bought a handful of natos and Zulus from a couple places and the watch looks good in all of them.
Yeah I totally agree with you, would you recommend any particular straps?
I like the Bond 3-ring zulu in black and gray. You can get all sorts of color schemes. I've tried solid colors too and they look good. If you like the Nato style you have even more options. I have a black 5-ring zulu that looks nice, but honestly it's too much metal for an 18mm strap. I've seen leather Zulus that look very nice on this watch.

As far as places to buy the watch straps, I've had nothing but good experiences with The Nato Strap Company and Cheapest Nato Straps. There are some straps called the Original Zulu that are all nylon - no metal rings to retain the excess strap, just a nylon loop. These straps are really inexpensive and high quality.

Hope this helps.
Okay thank you for your opinion, really helps me know I've made a good decision in buying the watch. By the time the solar cell dies out I will of bought a new watch.
The really neat thing about your style is that you could mix things up with different colored NATO straps as well as beefy or distressed leather straps.
I love Eco Drives. I've had a few over the years and I'm down to one (I've gifted and traded my others). Their designs are endless and construction is spot on. I'm curious to see how long it'll last until the solar cell dies. I particularly like their recent aviator style offerings.