Copper Coin Carry

Nashville, Tennessee
Just got my new copper coin in today!

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That coin is AWESOME! It looks great next to the blackwash Cryo with the red backdrop. Nice!
Thanks Chris! I've been trying to find that coin for several weeks now and finally found a pic clear enough to read. A quick Google search led me to exactly what I wanted. I am not disappointed!
The coin is cool!
Knife and Sword is redundant :-) is it a pocket bible? Really like the ESV!
Ha! Maybe a little redundant...but at least one is sharper than any two edged sword, so it's more of a "utility tool". It's not a pocket version. It's one that I carry with me when I go to church. I do, however, have a Bible app on my phone that goes with me everywhere I go. I really like the ESV too.
I love the coin! You may like my Kickstarter project, The FlatTop. Its an EDC spin coin hand made in copper, brass or aluminum. Check it out at www.flattop.rocks