Cape Town, South Africa
I've stripped my carry right down to the basics lately. I had a keyring torch which I ditched (I use the iPhone's LED if needs be). I also ditched my Victorinox for the Kershaw, which is a much better knife and fits nicely in my pocket. All I need now is a small screwdriver / pry tool to replace that on the Victorinox!

It bears mentioning that both the Colony Design wallet and Houdt iPhone case are South African products. Buy local!

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Im a bg fan of the Gerber Shard. Its essy and cheap in terms of money but it strong and the cross point driver sets it apart from most mini pry tools. Just thought id share. Love the simplified carry.
Thanks for the tip, Tim. I've been eyeing the Gerber Shard for a while now: it's just hard to get in South Africa. I've got my eye on the new Leatherman by-the-numbers keychain tools, those should be available here later this year!
I've been eyeing that Kershaw for some time now, I need it!
I have a Cryo. It's a nice knife & good value.
One of my fav EDC's out right now!
Ah thanks man!
Wesley, make your way to the forum and share some of your moto journo with us! http://forum.everydaycarry.com/