My EMT Everyday Carry

Yakima, Washington
This is my EDC for my job as an EMT.
The Ring and Coin are personal and not
Tools,they are reminders.

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How do you like the Leatherman Raptor? Former LA County and then Seattle EMS here. FD now.
Those Raptors are amazing. Have not had them stall at all while cutting. Cut a 50¢ piece in 1/2 these other day with ease.
Nice! Might have to get a pair. Just noticed you're from Yakima, is that an AMR rig in the background? I was Seattle AMR until last October, now FD on the east coast.
Looks like you have all your bases covered. I like it!
Tyvm I was shocked to see it featured.
I wish i could carry the sog tangle without being judged for it.I can legally carry it though.
What was your MOS in the USMC?
Great carry and thanks for your service!
Is the SOG Tangle a nice knive?
Thinking of picking one up..
I have one i like it