My ready-to-go Everyday Carry

When you travel frequently or found yourself away from your office or home, you need enough power for your gadgets, and be protected: sunglasses for your eyes, noise canceling headphones for your ears, and RFID and privacy screens for your data.

The multitools are great to fix, cut, or hack whatever life throws at you. Why two? I'm glad you asked! The larger one is my favorite, but it is not allowed through airports, the shard keychain is, so there. And just so you can take it out of your keychain easily, get the FreeKey system.

And coffee, don't ever forget your coffee mug. I've tried dozens of mugs, and by far the Klean Kanteen wide mouth are my favorite, get the cafe cap (shown in the picture).

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Wait! Did I read iPhone? No Google OS phone? :o