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This EDC is designed to keep me (and my electronics) going without having to waste extra time stopping at home after work before going out for the evening or for a weekend.

The medium-sized Timkbuk2 Command provides ample room to keep everything correctly organized and provides me with good mobility for getting around on subways, trains, and cabs.

This bag serves double-duty as my "personal item" carry-on, so anything that would get confiscated through a TSA checkpoint is held in a Maxpedition Micro pouch and transferred to a checked bag when I fly.

There's enough extra room to add toiletries and two changes of clothes for weekend trips. I'll typically add that to my carry on Friday mornings in case I decide to grab a train to NYC after work.

I use a large android tablet instead of a laptop to save on space and weight. It and my phone can accomplish about 80% of the things that can be done on my laptop, so it's a great trade for the mobility.

Some of these items are either too common or too old to get purchase links for, such as the MagLite and the pens and usb cables.

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hows the bag holding up?
The Timbuk2 bag has proved extremely durable. It has accompanied me for about 30,000 miles worth of air travel along with a few dozen trips to New York with no issues to speak of. I have the medium bag, which can be mildly cumbersome to stow under the seat on some smaller aircraft. If you fly frequently I'd suggest the small, but my medium bag has just enough extra space to make it better as an overnight bag.