Doctor's Every Day Carry

This is my go to carry as a medical professional working inside a hospital. Keeping things to the bare minimum, necessary for me to get my job done. Fountain pens and Field Notes paper. Stethoscope and penlight. My iPhone 6 and my lovely Techne watch. Finally, some cheap but reliable Sony headphones for chilling out to music.

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If you don't see the need for the stethoscope you don't understand the job. Nice carry.
A good doctor never leaves home without his stethoscope.
Wouldn't something like a tourniquet be more useful that that heavy stethoscope? Besides using it a weapon due to its weight along I don't see the need.
I was curious about your penlight. I am an RN and have found that almost all "medical" penlights are just barely usable. The pupil sizing chart is nice, but other than that they die easily and tend to put out very little light. How does the one you have work?

Right now I am using this as my penlight: http://www.ledlenserusa.com/880048.html#start=11
Genial, la lámpara y el estetoscopio indispensables, muy bueno!!!