My working week carry

I rarely carry cash if i can help it as i can pay for most things with a card and coins scratch other items in my pockets.
The iPhone 6 case is the second i've tried from Amazon, its a good thickness and has a ridge which makes it harder to accidentally drop when extending your thumb to its limit.
The SpacePen is my essential carry, the Mont blanc Fountain Pen is used mostly at work where i may have to write more
than a quick note, its mainly used for drawing architectural IT systems diagrams (rectangles, lines and arrows). I love a fountain pen and it never lets me down, its enjoyable to write with too.
My watch is an early 1980's Seiko Diver Automatic with a modern Nato strap.
I carry the Apple earbuds in their case so they don't tangle and as such they last about 5x longer.
Chap stick classic works for me, handmade silver wedding band, house keys and gum for the drive home in my BMW 330d wagon.

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Big fan of that Seiko!
Thanks Mike! lts a nice old thing.
Love my seiko 200m diver too! Put a leather NATO on it!
I am curious about your Seiko. Could you tell us what model it is?
Sure Ron, it's a 4205-015T.
Genuinely interested, I noticed you carry car keys so I'm assuming you drive. Where do you keep your license and proof of insurance if you don't carry a wallet? Or do you carry them loose as well?
Hilary, i keep my licence in the door pocket of the car, and i never carry proof of insurance. UK police have licence plate recognition which tells them if you are insured, taxed etc. If i'm in a road accident, i have the insurance company number in my phone.