Bare minimum

Oakland, CA
This carry can easily go into my pockets, except for the retainer case. Most days it does into the front pocket of my work backpack. When I'm not at work - I often carry a purse for the sole purpose of also being able to carry my retainers. Otherwise, I would be a total pocket-only gal.

Beyond my keys and wallet, the longest standing item in my kit has been carrying photon light. I've had one on my keychain for the past 15 years. The most recent addition has been the seiko watch. I have had it for a while, but in the last couple of weeks it has graduated to something I wear every day...because I finally got a nato strap for it, and now it's a fun accessory.

I always want to carry the bare minimum of keys so the freekey system has been pretty great for that. But I still think it's kinda bulky at times, and sometimes I end up having a tough time finding all of my keys so I continue to look at different key systems.

I love the idea of carrying a pocket knife - because everyone raves about them - but in all reality I simply don't need one often enough to warrant carrying it every single day.

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