Full Field Load-Out

Oilfield Tech (age 45)
This is my full load out of items I carry when working in the field. Of course most of these items are kept in my bag (Drago Gear Assault pack), and not everything is pictured (wall/car chargers, charging cords, headphones, etc).

A couple of things not pictured include my inCharge mini keyring charge cable (I was using it recently and it mysteriously disappeared in the house) that I typically keep with the Anker, and a case for the iPhone (one of my boys knocked it off the arm of the sofa just perfectly to crack the integrated glass screen protector), a Spigen Tough Armor case is en route.

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I really like this set-up. If you are working in an oilfield then heavy duty gear is a must for you. I would suggest adding a heavy-duty knife like a ZT or an Emerson to go with this set. Those two brands in particular can be kinda pricey but they are solid edc investments.
Thanks, Freddie. I actually have a Quartermaster QTR-6 that's built like a tank, but I found that when I carried it on location I was still reaching for the S&W (my beater knife) - it's held up remarkably well. For straight-out cutting/slicing, I go with the karambit- it's scary sharp and goes through straps or zip-ties like butter.
Great collection of kit Mel! The most random thing for me is the mini stapler :-D
You'd be surprised how often a mini stapler comes in handy in the oilfield. With so many different companies working together, lots of paperwork gets signed and passed around. I keep saying I'm about to start putting extra folders in my bag for the same reason.
Thanks Glen, and yeah, the stapler is kinda random, taking account the other gear, but Ryan is exactly right - there are many times I have to collect paperwork from other companies, and it is really helpful
Great gear! That karambit is just awsome! Is the sanrenmu worth the purchase?
Thanks, Giannis. Yes, I would definitely recommend the Sanrenmu for your rotation - it's extremely inexpensive, but very well put together. It's design is based on the small Sebenza, so it's a good looking knife, and very light. Mine has taken a beating, and has really held up well.
You have tempted me for the last time with that karambit, argh!
Ha! You got me with that brass QDC mini pen :) But seriously, it's a great work tool and it is fun to play with, I imagine even more so if you're thinking about using one for Escrima
Nice gear brother.
Thanks man, I appreciate it.
A quick thanks to everyone who checked out my submission, and especially those who "liked" it'. I've been working on building a carry with high quality and functional tools and still have some upgrades to make. At least I know I'm on the right track!
Just realized I left my watch (G-Shock Mudman) out of the pic yet again. I need someone to remind me to take it off my wrist before I submit lol