My Everyday Carry

Technician (age 49)
These items will be found on my belt or in my pants pockets every day. Not included in photo: my wrist watch.

A few thoughts on my choices:

I don't use a case cover for my phone because it's easier to fit in the front pocket of my jeans and I've yet to drop and break any of my smart phones to date. Keeping fingers crossed.

I've found that the Fisher Space pen fits the side pocket of the Leatherman sheath perfectly.

The USB stick in the Orbitkey is a generic (and significantly cheaper) alternative I found to the rather expensive original.

I might swap out the Fenix E12 with something with a better protection of the lens, as it has gotten quite scratched after a few months in my pocket.

This is my third Mighty Wallet which I like very much due to size (I keep it in my front pocket). But I find they wear out a bit too fast. So it will soon be swapped out with a TGT Wallet.

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Nice little Micra sheath. Who makes it?
It came with the Micra. The look comes from years in my pocket.
How's your experience with the orbitkey? Thinking about getting one.
I like it. Sometimes it's a bit tricky to sort out a single key one handed. But I think the compact format outweighs that.