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So like I said in a previous entry, the Doug Ritter M390 steel blade just seemed a little too nice for the regular Griptilian scales. To dress it up a little bit, I purchased some blue G10 grip scales with the "honeycomb" pattern. When I got them in, I noticed that I couldn't remove the screws that held the black scales in place. Eager to see the blade in its new scales, I decided to swap the blade from my D2 Griptilian into the frame with the black handles, then put the blade from the RSK1 in the other frame and replace the olive green scales with the new blue ones. I was pretty excited with the results! Not only does my RSK1 have a more fitting handle, but I also feel like the black on black looks way better than the green.

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I like it. Maybe a wood handle mod next like the one Shinola did with Benchmade:

Sorry about the poor picture quality/lighting. I'll try to get a better picture up in my next update.