Nitecore EA11--For max flexibility

Well well well, the Nitecore EA11 is most versatile EDC light ever. It is powered by 1xAA battery that can be purchased from almost everywhere. You won’t have to worry about power supply when using this light. What makes it more incredible is that it also runs on 1xIMR battery. It is just like every store on the street is your charge station.

EA11 also offer quite many carry options when used with the included clip. It can be carried in a chest/pant pocket, on a cap as shown in the above picture, on a belt or on a backpack strap. So flexible that you won’t have to worry about its “carryability”.

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I just had this yesterday and since I'm always out at night this is very much useful for me going on my way. I was very surprised when I used it for the first time. It’s like I can see everything on the streets. Amazing little monster!!!
I have ordered this flashlight for my edc and I am sure I have made the right choice. Love how you have clipped it to your cap. Exactly that is the main reason why I bought it.