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Austin, TX
Not pictured: the iPhone 6 which was taking the picture.

The watch changes from day to day, but knowing the time is pretty important for me. I've bought a couple of watches from MVMT and I really like their look.

I go through a Field Notes every 2 weeks or so. I'm thinking about subscribing to their colors series.

If you haven't checked out This Is Ground, do so immediately. Their cord tacos are amazing and this iPhone 6 Sleeping Bag is one of my favorites.

I'm a fidgeter, so having some komboloi (worry beads) with me helps me concentrate.

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I'm likin' that EDC skincare
I haven't heard about the komboloi before, but I also love to fidget and so does my son! I purchased one to keep in my purse for us. Thanks so much for showing something new. :)
Thanks for the comment. For some reason the Greeks came up with the perfect pocket-sized distraction tool.