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Romero, most this items are carried on myself (watch, wallet, fitness trackers, glasses...) The bigger ones as the iPad, notebooks and computer (which is not shown as it's not black) are carried on a backpack or messenger bag
Murdered out in black, love it! Not seen that Garmin watch before, very cool. You may like the new Suunto Core Ultimate Black, just launched. Speaking of launches, does that Keysmart allow one-handed use? Coz we're releasing the Keyn-Beast soon, and you may want to hug me for it : http://bitly.com/1F8yhPz
I'll keep an eye on the Keyn-Beast ;)
I started with the Nike Fuelband, but later I wanted also a sleep tracker so I got the UP24. I use to wear both on the same wrist and sometimes I only use the UP24 at night. It will depend on what I´ll do during the day: if I think both trackers will discomfort me I leave the UP24 at home.
I'm also curious whether you wear both fitness trackers, or if you alternate between them. I'm also digging the Garmin fenix 2! They're great watches, and I only recently stopped wearing mine pretty much every day when I upgraded to the fenix 3.
Hi Love the carry. Being a fan of tracker bands (I have a Fitbit Charge and also the Jawbone UP24) I was interested as to whether you wear both together or alternate. I don't use the Fitbit Charge much anymore as its really designed to be a watch replacement and I have too many nice watches! I wear the Jawbone on my right wrist as a 'bracelet' and a watch on the left.
What do you use to carry?