road trip

these are some of the things that almost never leave my bag... but are without a doubt mandatory on all my trips.

the action journal (designed by designers for designers) is awesome for organizing your to-do lists and projects, and as a business owner i always need it with me, even when travelling.

the iphone 5 trigger case (here in titanium grey) is the only case i ever bought simply because it’s the only case that ever caught my eye, and which totally complements the beautiful design of the iphone. i always say, why hide a such beautiful objet with a hideous case? and i certainly got plenty of compliments on it.

i shopped for a long time to find one of the best GPS, and this was the winner. probably the most unique feature of this particular unit is its size, which is about that of an iphone 6 (thickness included). the leather case is simply a necessity if you don’t want to scratch the screen (sold separately).

the lamy fountain pens are simply great writing tools (if you like fountain pens), plus they are totally inexpensive. they come in many colours (here in graphite) and with different nib thickness.

ok, i am french, so it’s in my DNA to always have a swiss army knife on me (to open wine bottles, of course). i have several, but this one is kind of cool, so as an everyday-carry it has recently replaced my classic red one.

this last one is a personal indulgence because i totally love to drive, and driving a BWM X3 manual (yes, a stick-shift) is like no other car i’ve driven before. everyone needs to spoil oneself once in a while, right?

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Really nice minimal carry! What inks do you use in your Lamy? I really love the trigger case too. Makes me rethink my switch from Apple to Android.
thanks. it’s not always this minimal though, and everyday i renegotiate what goes in and what comes out. for my lamy, i simply use the lamy ink — it comes in cartridges and in a bottle format (the pen comes with a special cartridge for it).