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ICU Nurse (age 23)
Bataan, Philippines

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you need ligther to be complet!
O yes yes! I have answered that suggestion on my previous post sir! :-)
And I literally can't carry one around the hospital where I work, I might combust it down to its grave...even if that's unlikely.. Heh, I appreciate it tho :-D
Yeah I agree, having worked at a hospital myself. With all the oxygen tanks around, there's a reason why hospitals have big No Smoking signs everywhere!
What strap is that on your Seiko? Is it good quality? I like the style of rounded, polished rings and punch of color the orange gives the dark green dial.
Just read your comment, it's a Zulu strap, a generic one I believe. The Zulus are more resilient than nato straps in terms of fabric material. You can search them up to view the differences and its function too :-)