My Everyday Carry

I am pretty much always changing up my edc. This is what I am carrying currently but I have several different knives I rotate through as well as wallets and accessories.

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I love the field notes case from etsy! Would you possibly be able to post the link to it so I can check it out?
If the link doesn't work search for popov leather. They make several different styles to choose from.
Love the Quartermaster!
Thanks! I have two different models I rotate in my edc knife collection. They are well made and I haven't been any issues with them.
Big Dodocase fan I see. Always wanted to try their iPad cases that look like books.
Their stuff is of good quality and I have considered their iPad cases as well.
Loving the leather. What do you use the handkerchief for mostly?
Thanks I prefer leather over other materials because it lasts if taken care of and also it ages nicely. The handkerchief is a utilitarian item. I have three kids and never know what the day might bring. Also I use it to wipe sweat from my brow because I'm in the south and its humid! Also in a pinch, even though not recommended because it can scratch lenses, I can clean my eyeglasses.