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New Orleans, LA
These are the items I carry on me personally everyday, although not always the notebook and pen. I keep the Dime & Tube in the coin pocket of my jeans on the right side. The right side pocket has my wallet and the knife clipped on the edge. The phone is on the left where I sometimes hang the sunglasses, which are perfect when I take my bike instead of the car.

I keep the notebook on the back left and the keys on the back right, but take them both out when I plan to be sitting for a while. Keys are usually in the ignition or the backpack anyway.

I don't like to carry a lot of weight or bulges in my pockets which is why the emphasis on lighter, smaller & high-performance items. No bulky keychains.

The ring serves as a replacement wedding band since the original was gold and kept getting beat up.

For work, I have a GoRuck Echo where I keep a laptop and iPad Mini along with a larger flashlight and multitool as well as a 20oz Klean Kanteen.

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