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A couple notes on this carry:
The leather case I had custom made to fit my modded Zebra F-701 pen and the 100mm Higonokami. I am not a huge fan of knives with lanyards, and prefer the clip so that it stays in place. But, with this leather pouch I can carry my pen and knife in a front pocket without moving around at all, and it works great for suits. I used it a lot in school walking around campus just carrying it in my hand next to a notebook.
If you like big knives but don't want to scare people off the Code 4 is a great knife for this task. I carry it in my back pocket in jeans or dress pants and the 1" clip profile looks like a very small pocket knife. Then, you cant forget a little emergency candy. I am not a HUGE sugar addict but the though of being stranded somewhere without a sweet little treat is no good. Zotz are like 50 cents for a roll of 4 at world market, if you haven't tried them you are missing out.

Okay, maybe I am a sugar addict.

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Classy. I especially like the pen case.
Top shelf carry