Titanium Carry

The titanium items I've currently collected. More to come.

Yes, I know all are not, strictly speaking, made of titanium.

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Do you carry the knife around in public in Norway? I've been thinking about adding a knife to my EDC, but I'd like to avoid trouble with the police.
I have carried a knife on my person for over 25 years. Most of the time the blade is part of a Leatherman multitool. Though occasionally I carry a folder. I've never had any problem with the police. I guess it depends on how you behave when out in public.
I see. I've never been stopped by the police, but if I ever were I wouldn't want to be found carrying a weapon. I did some more research and found that they give some hefty fines. http://www.aftenposten.no/okonomi/innland/Rorlegger-botelagt-for-a-ga-med-kniv-5117352.html
As I said, it all depends on how you behave. And, of course, the discretion of the officer stopping you. In that particular case I would say the plumber could have acted differently. I sure won't go out drinking in Norway carrying a knife.
Classy carry. Good job.
Nice!!...very simple, I love a minimalist EDC
What is the titanium coin for?
I came here wondering the same thing. Looks cool, wondered if carried any extra benefit, use?
No other benefit than being able to keep your hand occupied. ;)