College Everyday Carry for Machinist

Alexander City, AL
An EDC I designed around the classes I'm attending now. I recently decided to go back to college and enrolled in an Associates program for Machine Shop Technology. I found that I was in constant need of a calculator and my notes, Equivalencies charts and writing utensils. Unable to find something commercially made that would suit my requirements I made myself a belt pouch out of cloth, It being successful made a hardier version a necessity and so I made the leather one you see today. Triple stitched and reinforced with rivets, it's made to carry and protect my notes and calculator. The wallet is also DIY, but it IS the prototype. Everytime I make a new "Final draft" someone buys it. Recent additions to my carry may make a Mk3 a project soon. This is a comfortable carry and I often wear it when not at school since everything in it is useful to me elsewhere too.

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Do you know where to buy those Haas shop notes?