Packing for Adventure

Georgetown, TX
Trip to the redwoods in Santa Cruz CA. Packed for a photography Adventure and some fun.

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I might have missed this but for the camera all you have @cannonusa what model camera is this? Don't forget the lenses.
This is way late but its a 70D. Apologize for the wait
Hi. How do you like the LuminAid?
Its great and durable. I will say its by no means an everyday use item. Its perfect for a pack and back up light source.
Hey for future submissions please do not title the items like you have in this carry. It's preferred that you enter the make and model of each item you tag so it's easier for other users to know what it is. Thanks!

**I've gone ahead and fixed the titles for most of the items, but kinda guessed on the opinel, so let me know if it's a different model.**
Hey Thanks Chris. A little to accustomed to Instagram Tags. Ha gotta break that habit on here