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Cook (age 23)
Brattleboro, VT

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I love the hammerless, air weight J-frame for EDC! It's reliable. It's compact. It's effective. The pistol, knife, flashlight combo is so versatile for everything from everyday work to self-defense. That said, what's with the brass knuckle utility tools everyone is carrying? They look awesome and I like the idea. But, it seems to me like they'd be hard to get out of your pocket and on your hand for self-defense. It also seems like if you were in a legally defensible situation that required the use of a weapon you'd just go for your gun. I'm not criticizing anyone for carrying them, but are they really functional? Or are they just another neat keychain that would add bulk to my already out of control key collection?
I love the J-Frame, just like you said, compact and reliable. Its a great EDC gun. The Koch Solo 2.0 tool is just a novelty thing for me. Could you use it in a self defense situation, yeah, Is it the best for self defense, no probably not. It is however is a great bottle opener and fits driver bits which I find very useful. I think it is a cool tool and sweet piece to add to an EDC.
It's definitely a sweet piece!
I also love the J-frame. I carry the same light too. If I were you I'd put a hogue grip and a fiber optic or tritium sight up front both can be had on Amazon for under $50. I like my s&w a lot more now. The Hogue grip helps taming the recoil of my j-frame as its in .357 and only weighs 13oz's. Yeah it hurts lol