My first EDC

My first Everyday Carry

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Awesome EDC! Love the Saddleback and the Omega.
Thanks! I hope that the Saddleback will look awesome after a few months :)
Just bought that same copper orange lamy pen a few weeks back. Awesome!
Yeah! It's really awesome! I just love the color :)
Notebook and pen are absolutely essential to my productivity. I'm really interested in what it means to be a productivity engineer! If you have some time, I'd appreciate a brief rundown. B)
Sure, no problems!
Productivity engineers are responsible for developing and implementing productivity optimizations for an organization. I have one foot in optimizing our current products processes and the other foot I have in the future with prototype making, buying in new machines/equipment.

In my case I work at an engine plant that manufactures parts and does a complete assembly off the engine. In my department we are producing camshafts.
I'm educated as an CNC-Operator and have worked with this in about 6-7years, and about 2 months ago I got this opportunity to move up and become a Productivity Engineer.

If you have any further questions just ask, I will happily answer :)