My Everday Carry: Active + Lux

Atlanta, Georgia
This Kenneth Cole wallet has stood the test of time and is now over 11 years old and counting, it holds all the essentials and keeps ticking. The leather is supple and smooth from wear.

My Nike Fuelband is a testament to how young I feel inside. I'm still competing with my best friend form high school on activity as well as my 10yo son.

Love the kero keychain charger cable, it can be a lifesaver!

The key holder cable is must allowing me to take of keys when needed without the frustration of traditional keychains. I hate regular keychains!

My LuxBox Case makes me love holding, using, and looking at my iPhone. I didn't like the new shape of the iPhone 6. I thought the iphone 5 design was perfect but the shape and feel of the LuxBox Case helps so much.

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