Vintage Carry

Melbourne, Australia
What i was Carrying in Circa '85

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A tactical toothbrush with a glass beaker? What kind of situations do people get in while brushing their teeth?! LOL
you never know , lol
diggin the tooth brush and the Nintendo Game and Watch (had a few back in the day)! This one should of been featured on the main page!!!!!
thanks for the support.. yeah we have the toothbrush on KS. I have a pretty nice collection of those vintage games, do you still have any?
Na, sold them all to get a Murphy bed. All in all it was a good investment. I had some nice ones, (punch out, super Mario, donkey Kong and even had Mario Bros for the Atari still in the box).
Murphy bed,.. hope you had some fun..
Bad ass tooth brush man!
thanks mate.. we have it on Kickstarter.