My Everyday Carry

Everything I carry with me when I board a ship to go to work. Covers all the basics I need to do my job. You never know how long you may end up staying on board or when you will get home so you pack the basics like too the brush and paste and a razor. Two radios as you never know when a battery will die at the worst possible time. Everything is water resistant or proof as I spend quite a bit of my work time outside in adverse weather conditions.

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Glad to see I'm not the only one that brings two radios.
Amazing to see the difference between your daily carry and your work carry. Both seem robust and practical. Are your daily carry and work carry used at the same time (like layers), or are they mutually exclusive?
Daily carry is what I carry every day regardless of what I'm doing. Work carry is added to my daily carry when I'm working. It's quite a bit of gear but every piece of it is used on a regular basis.