My Everyday Carry

My job has me opening lots of packages and working on phones (hence the black stick and the Nike fuel band link remover). The SOG Instinct G10 is my main pocket knife of choice, but when I need to keep it more subtle the SOG Micron works well for slicing open tape and plastic. The FreeKey system keeps everything well organized and the Tile is a life saver for when I lose my keys (rare, but it has happened). The Saddleback wallet is the best wallet I've ever owned; it's an excellent EDC item. The zippo I only recently started carrying again; I don't smoke, but I always like to know I could light a fire in a pinch if I need to. I sometimes carry a pen too, but usually just a crappy BIC ballpoint. I'm waiting on a box of Zebra F310s to come in and I'll be carrying one of those too. I sometimes carry a Southord lock picking set with me, although not often enough that I felt it needed to be in this picture. If you like lock picking, though, they make the best sets and their cases work well for other long items as well (like pens and, in my case, black sticks which are also known as probe tools or spudgers). The Beats headphones usually live in their case, but I removed them for the picture.

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