JasonPCtech Carry

IT Manager (age 49)
Casco, Maine
My EDC 2 years now.
The link carries 'optional: chargekey, Zebra pen, Chive, Sharpie' for quick detach casual carry.
The Advil tube is repurposed for 3 days medications. (great waterproof bottle).
NOT SHOWN: USB thumb 64gig Sandisk.
I often swap Chive for the bigger Kershaw Cryo.

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How Do you like the Rogue wallet? My wallet fell apart (slightly by force) and I am looking for a new one!
I wear Dickies 874 Khaki's (got a bunch of those, as a big guy they fit and wear well) and this wallet fits comfortably in my front pocket. it's been a easy 2 years no issues with it. But that's the only item in that pocket 99% of the time and I keep ID, 4 hard cards, 6 bus cards and limited cash 8 bills or less most often. So I don't have it maxed out. I am however (mostly for the cool factor, too much of this sites influence.) digging the Travax Element wallet. If i do that then I will add a EDC deep pocket holster as well. The idea is the Travax will neck carry with ID badge the empty pocket will get a "no print" DIY Kydex gadget holster combo magazine holster and I already dropped the Chive folder for a fully loaded Leatherman Surge belt kit. That will probably be my full loadout next picture.