My Everyday Carry.

This is typically what I carry everyday. The Leatherman Sideclip is by far the most useful tool I have. I use it for everything. I like the adventure log for jotting things down and you can't beat a Fisher Scientific Pen. The rest of my stuff is from my shop and I like it because it's simple and functional which is what works for me.

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That's a very clever and simple watch strap, I like it.
Thank you! It's made of a soft stone oiled leather that just feels great and smells great. I wear this one the most, but I have one in black as well.
What is the name of the metal fastener pin on the strap? I have the same thing on my Billingham camera bag.
It's called a button stud. There are a few places you can buy these online,
one is here: http://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/button-stud
I've always swooned over a Sideclip! Nice set up!
Thank you! The slideclip is awesome I use it all the time! I hadn't realized how hard they are to come by now.